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Specialized Therapies to Help Regain Mobility and Strength


When an illness, accident, surgical procedure, or age impairs your ability to function independently and comfortably, our rehabilitative services will help you get back on your feet again. Under orders from your physician, our registered occupational, physical, and speech therapists will provide the guidance and activities needed for you to regain your strength and return to normal activities.

LSVT Parkinson's Therapy

LSVT Big is an intensive, focused physical and occupational therapy approach to increase movement in Parkinson’s patients. Learn more

Physical Therapy

In-home rehabilitation is available following surgical procedures including joint replacement, or when your ability to function physically has been compromised.

Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapists will help you recover and improve your ability to participate in activities of daily living, such as reaching, lifting, tying, and moving independently.

Speech/Language Therapy

If disease or medication has compromised your speech or ability to swallow, our Speech and Language Therapists can assess and address impairments.

Home Safety Assessments

Sometimes a few modifications can make all the difference! A home safety evaluation can identify potential hazards and make simple changes to reduce the chance of injury.

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